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Located in Seattle, Washington, Chinnie's Catering is looking to take over your taste buds and replace them with true authenticity.

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Before I started Chinnie's Catering, my friends kept telling me, I needed to write something about myself to let buyers know why they should purchase my food. As an introverted person, writing about myself or even posting a picture of myself is difficult. But, my love for cooking and pleasing people is stronger than my introversion.
So here it goes...
I always look and smell my food before I eat it. Growing up in a traditional Asian family, my mom was often cooking. She always encouraged me to watch her and look closely at what spices she used to flavor her food. That is how I learned to cook, I just kept watching. I continue to watch others and what they put into their food, and then I tweak the recipe to make it my own. I am curious about flavors and ask my sister all the time what they put in their own cooking. They know I want to make it better!
My friends tell me, food has to be Chinn approved if it's going to be truly delicious. I am serving you the food that I would normally cook for my family and friends. I hope you enjoy the tastes and the mixtures of my specially selected oriental ingredients.


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Reviews, comments, and recommendations from our customers!

A small group of friends had the most wonderful opportunity this past week to experience a number of the dishes Chinnie’s Catering offers. The presentation was so inviting we could hardly wait to experience the selection set before us. We started with the Asian Slaw and although I have had a similar dish before this particular salad was unique because the dressing was so different. The dressing actually allowed for more amazing flavors of the various components of the dish to almost burst within your mouth as you tasted the dish. The salad was followed with the Asparagus- Bacon Puff Pastry which was in a swirl and the flavors were imbedded within the pasty and deep within the swirl that every bite was intense. The Pork Egg Rolls with the different sauces and the pot stickers were amazingly flavorful and although not my favorite when I have tried them at other places the flavors were pleasing to the pallet. The Chow Mein meats were so tender they seemed to fall easily into small bites and the flavors were again unique. It was almost a game with our small tasting group in trying to identify what herbs and spices were in the dishes to give it such a satisfying experience. Finally, the Black Sticky Rice Pudding was so delicious honestly it did not need the added coconut milk. This was a dessert for which you could eat and certainly not feel a bit guilty about that I went back for seconds.

Although Chinnie’s Catering is a catering service for now I certainly believe in the future they could expand to opening a unique Pan-Asian restaurant.
— Donna, The Seattle Review
I had the opportunity to taste Chinnie’s food last night and all I can say is yummm! I couldn’t stop eating the asparagus rolls until I almost popped!! I wish she had a restaurant because I can definitely see myself being a regular there!
— Barbara, Washington State
I had the privilege of attending a tasting for Chinnie’s Catering. Chinnie was a delightful host, you can tell she really enjoys cooking and serving customers. The food was wonderful, the meat was tender, juicy and flavorful. I thoroughly enjoyed myself from start to finish. Stand outs for me include the Pork Kabobs, Pot Stickers, Sticky Rice Pudding, and just thinking about the Asparagus Bacon Puff Pastry is making my mouth water. Definitely looking forward to ordering in the future.
— Darcell, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
[The] website was wonderful and easy. I know [Chinnie’s] food is delicious and everyone raved about the Mushroom-Spinach Swirl. We’ll be looking to [Chinnie’s Catering] throughout the year!
— Emily, Epiphany School
Tried the Asparagus-Bacon Puff Pastry Swirl today and loved it! Will definitely be placing an order of these in the near future. The food tasted great and make sure to try the Sticky Mango Rice as well...mind blown! Thank you Chinnie’s Catering!
— Gil, Washington State
I attended a food tasting last week and Chinnie did not fail to impress! Everything was filled with flavor and the authenticity of a variety of Asian cultures. The Pork Kabobs and the Green Salad were my favorite. Her food reminded me of home cooked meals made by my mother. I will absolutely keep her in mind for events I will host in the future!
— Sovanna, Washington State
We had a wonderful 89th birthday for (my) Dad & send off for the boys. All was amazing (and) delicious food!
— Elizabeth, Washington State