Located in Madrona, Seattle

Photos by Nicole Franzen


Hello!  Welcome to Chinnie’s Catering. 

Before I started my business, friends kept telling me I needed to write something about myself to let the buyers know why they should buy my food.  As an introverted person, writing about myself or even posting my picture is difficult for me. 

Here it goes.  I have always been a picky person when it comes to food.  During my youth, there was very little food to eat, since I lived in a communist country.  I was picky about food then, and I am picky about food as an adult today.  I tend to look and smell food before I eat it.  Growing up in an Asian family, my mom always encouraged me to look at what spices she used to add into her food.  That was when I learned to cook just by looking.  All I have to know is what anyone puts in their food, and then I tweak the recipe to make it my own. I often ask my sisters what they put in their cooking.  I cook from the heart.  My friends often tell me food has to be Chinn approved, J

So, I am serving you the food that I would normally cook for my family and friends.  I hope you enjoy the taste of the mixture of oriental ingredients. 







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