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Before I started Chinnie's Catering, my friends kept telling me, I needed to write something about myself to let buyers know why they should purchase my food. As an introverted person, writing about myself or even posting a picture of myself is difficult. But, my love for cooking and pleasing people is stronger than my introversion.

So here it goes...

I always look and smell my food before I eat it. Growing up in a traditional Asian family, my mom was often cooking. She always encouraged me to watch her and look closely at what spices she used to flavor her food. That is how I learned to cook, I just kept watching. I continue to watch others and what they put into their food, and then I tweak the recipe to make it my own. I am curious about flavors and ask my sister all the time what they put in their own cooking. They know I want to make it better!

My friends tell me, food has to be Chinn approved if it's going to be truly delicious. I am serving you the food that I would normally cook for my family and friends. I hope you enjoy the tastes and the mixtures of my specially selected oriental ingredients.